golf swingNo matter if you are a casual golfer or a pro golfer, you may have been asked by your friends “did you ever play baseball?” People like to connect baseball with golf, but not many of them think that swinging a baseball bat can help golfers improve their golf swing skills at the same time. Last year, a New York Mets baseball player Jeff Flagg earned his championship title in the world long driver champion, which proves that baseball players can sometimes excel at golf better than true golfers. Both a baseball swing and a golf swing are based on the double pendulum movement where the motions of two connected pendulums swing together.

golf swing

As the golf swing shares the same inside-out swing theory as a baseball swing, baseball players tend to practice their golf swing to improve the accuracy of their bat swings. The inside-out swing path of golf tends to produce more accuracy and distance than other types of swing paths. The process of a backswing includes the address, backswing, impact and release. When hitting a golf ball, your arms and body rotate horizontally, and the swing path is first down approaching the ball on the ground from the top, and then becomes more diagonal when the swing is in motion. In addition, baseball also has a backswing, and practicing the baseball backswing helps correct any flaws in a golf backswing. Some golfers will unconsciously lower their shoulders and raise their arms too high when hitting their shots. Make your address and be ready to play a stroke, don’t swing by your left arm’s energy but from the torque in the swing.

baseball swing

When it comes to the downswing, too much energy of your arms instead of your body’s rotational energy could cause a slice. It is better to snap through the swing with your hips as you shift your weight forward through a stride. A bat swing also requires the body’s rotational energy rather than a deliberate wrist action toward the ball.

Maybe some of you are also seeking some tips on how to hit longer drives, but do you know that practicing a baseball swing actually helps hit a long ball in golf? First, swing the bat but don’t hit any balls. Only take a practice swing. A long drive in golf requires a lot of energy from your left leg, and practicing a baseball swing helps to build the small muscles of your left leg and increase your flexibility at the same time. golf vs. baseball swing
Briefly, the swings of baseball and golf require different centers of gravity in your body, trajectories and directions of the ball. The golf swing is more complicated because it requires both the falling motion of the club and horizontal rotation of your arms and body. As you now clearly know, due to the similarities and the differences between a baseball swing and a golf swing, we suggest a combination of practicing your baseball swing as well as your golf swing to improve your golf swing skills over the long term. Thus, it is an alternative to apply the exact same swing theory to swinging a golf club as to swinging a baseball bat if you are looking for some effective ways to improve your golf swing skills.