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<The Old Course, Saint Andrews Golf Links>


For all golfers around the world, their dream is to play at the world’s oldest golf course. That course would be The Old Course at St. Andrews Golf Links. The Old Course in Scotland is the world’s oldest and the most iconic 18 holes in golf. This year marks the 145th anniversary of The Open Championship and the 28th time The Old Course has hosted this historic tournament.

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<’Hell Bunker’, 14th Hole at ‘The Old Course’>

The course, simply known as the “Home of Golf” world over, still retains its natural terrain that has been gradually transformed by nature for decades and without the application of artificial course designs to the course we see today. That is why the green and wind conditions are more unforgiving compared to similar waterfront courses. Especially “Hell Bunker”, the 10ft deep bunkers surrounding the green on the 14th hole, has always challenged golfers of all levels on their journey to victory.


The famous Swilcan bridge on St Andrews Old Course

The famous Swilcan bridge on St Andrews Old Course


“The Old Course” has a unique feature, it has double greens for the majority of its holes. Only the 1st, 9th, 17th and 18th holes have their own greens.



Anyone can reserve their round on the golf course and request a caddy as well. Since the course is fully booked throughout the year, you’ll need to have a very flexible schedule. However, if you lack the time and money to travel to Scotland, you can still experience “The Old Course” on a golf simulator.




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<‘The Old Course’ on Golfzon Vision Plus>


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