– Preliminaries of the tournament were participated 875 golfers in 7 countries, including Thailand, China, Taiwan and South Africa.

– Twenty qualifiers from these countries took part in the final held on November 25th at GOLFZON ZOIMARU Champion’s Hall.

– GOLFZON plans to host annual international tournament.


SEOUL, South Korea–GOLFZON (Chief Executive Officer: Chang Seong-won) (www.golfzonsimulator.com) (KOSDAQ:215000) held the 1st International GOLFZON Indoor Golf Tournament at the Indoor Virtual golf lounge in the GOLFZON ZOIMARU Champion’s Hall in Daejeon on November 25th, 2016.

GOLFZON has been hosting simulation golf tours for Korean professional golfers, GTOUR and WGTOUR, and golf tournaments for Korean amateur golf players, GOLFZON Live Tournament (GLT) and Ladies GOLFZON Live Tournament (LGLT) for years, but the International GOLFZON Tournament is its first international event.  

The international golf tournament was taken part by a total of 875 golfers from 7 countries (Thailand, Taiwan, South Africa, Indonesia, China and Japan), and its preliminaries were held in October for one month in respective countries. 

The final individual competition and national team competition, which were held on November 25th at the GOLFZON ZOIMARU Champion’s Hall in Daejeon, were participated by 20 qualifiers. In the final individual competition, which was held in its virtual golf course, GOLFZON COUNTY Ansung Q CC, on stroke basis, professional golfer Bin Gao from China won the championship. “I am honored to win the championship in the first international golf tournament held by GOLFZON,” said Bin Gao. ”I was astonished at outstanding simulation golf skills of competitors from other countries, and it provided me a chance of enjoying the simulation golf as delightful as playing the field golf.” 

In the national team competition that was held in its virtual golf course, GOLFZON COUNTY Ansung H CC, on foursome basis, Chinese team won the championship, and upper-level winners were provided with generous gifts, such as Apple MacBook Air, iPad Air 2 and Galaxy Gear S3.

 Twenty international golfers who participated in the final attended the event game of the GLT/LGLT Season 2 major competition held on November 26th at the same venue to experience exciting fever of the simulation golf in Korea.    

“Individuals and families who play simulation golf are on the rise in other countries. We will promote the international golf tournament as a global level competition using GOLFZON’s simulation golf systems to be joined by 3 million users of GOLFZON systems in 50 countries,” said Lee Min Seop, General Manager for Global Business Division at GOLFZON. 

Starting the one held in November this year, GOLFZON plans to host the international golf tournament annually by increasing participating countries and golf players.