People are enjoying GOLFZON in 5,000 sites in 43 countries.

While Scotland remains the home of golf, virtual golf (simulation golf) begins in Korea.

Worldwide GOLFZON allows people of the world to join in a fellowship of new golf culture.

About Us

GOLFZON, we present you golf in a way never seen before.

GOLFZON, we present you golf in a way never seen before.

Ever since its establishment in May 2000, GOLFZON has been trying to overcome the entry barrier to golf and expand the number of golfers under the corporate philosophy, “making golf enjoyable for everyone,” believing that golf should be no longer exclusive for the upper class only.

With a simulation-based business model consisting of golf, IT, and culture, GOLFZON has the largest market share in the global golf simulator business. Our successful business model and a variety of network services both online and offline have accomplished an ideal localization of the golf simulator market. In addition, our products have been internationally recognized for their high quality and are currently being exported to more than 30 countries in Asia, North America, Europe, and other continents. As a world leading company in the virtual golf industry, we are committed to contributing our passion to golf culture.

We have looked into multiple business models and launched several subbrands such as GOLFZON MARKET for retail golf products, GOLFZON COUNTY for golf course management, and GOLFZON ACADEMY for golf lessons.

All GOLFZON employees and partners are dedicated to improving the golf industry and advancing towards our vision of “becoming the world leader in the golf industry by 2020” by building value added networks worldwide.

“GOLFZON will always be the trusted company that brings you joy!”

Jang, Sung Won


Mission Statement

Our mission is to make golf enjoyable for everyone. We strive to offer a new level of fun and unforgettable experiences by combining the best of golf and IT. A new golf culture where golf is a way of life and provides the foundation for further improvement of the golf industry. Ultimately, GOLFZON’s goal is to contribute to enriching life experiences and improving human relations through our new golf culture.

Vision Strategy

Contribute to the continual improvements and cultural exchanges in the golf  industry. Complete a highly profitable business model that provides unique online & offline integration. Consistently provide competitive products and services through aggressive R&D investments. Actively expand our business abroad with thorough localization. Be the company where the best minds want to work.


• 2002-2002
  2000.05 Established GOLFZON CO., LTD.
  2002.01 Launched GOLFZON-P,P+ Model

• 2003-2006
  2004.10 Launched GOLFZON-S Model
  2005.10 Launched GOLFZON-S+ (SWING MOTION REPLAY) Model
  2006.09 Launched GOLFZON LIVE
  2006.12 Established 1st Corporate Institute

• 2007-2009
  2007.03 Established 2nd Corporate Institute
  2007.10 Launched GOLFZON LIVE My Swing Motion
  2008.01 Launched GOLFZON-N Model
  2009.05 Established GOLFZON JAPAN CO., LTD.
  2009.06 Established GOLFZON Networks

• 2010-2012
2010.08 Established GOLFZON Foundation for Culture
2011.01 Launched GOLFZON REAL
2011.03 Established GOLFZON CHINA CO., LTD.
2011.04 Launched GOLFZON ACADEMY
2011.05 Initial Public Offering on KOSDAQ stock market
Acquired Dunes Golf Co., LTD
(Later renamed as GOLFZON COUNTY)
2011.08 Launched GOLFZON MARKET
2012.07 Opened GOLFZON COUNTY Sunwoon
2012.02 Launched GOLFZON VISION
2012.05 Launched GTOUR (Professional Simulation Golf Tour)

• 2013-PRESENT
2013.01 Established GOLFZON RETAIL
2013.08 Opened GOLFZON COUNTY Ansung Q
2014.04 Launched GGL (Global GOLFZON Live Online Service)
2014.07 Opened GOLFZON COUNTY Ansung H, Ansung W
2014.11 Opened GDR mobile web service

Company Information

GOLFZON has been producing golf simulators since 2000 and now commands the biggest market share in the global golf simulator industry. Golf Simulator helps people to get easier access to golf and significantly lowered barrier to becoming a golfer, making golf much more enjoyable than before. GOLFZON has been striving for popularization of golf sports and we still take it as our mission.
GOLFZON was listed in KOSDAQ(Korean Securities Dealers Automated Quotations) in 2011 with its market value more than 750 million USD (as of 2013.05)
GOLFZON’s annual sales amount has been growing constantly from its establishment and delivered 62% of Compound Annual Growth Rate for the last 10 consecutive years, which was 2 million USD in 2003 then 250 million USD in 2012. Now expanding our business in golf course management, golf equipments sales and other golf related business areas, GOLFZON will keep going forward the vision of becoming global golf industry leader by 2020.

Business Area