In the Luxury/Premium Golf Simulator category, GOLFZON Visions sensors capture club trace, impact and spin. These measurements produce life-like trajectories, allowing the user to play fade, draw and pitch shots at more than 150 course choices.

A player can tee the ball or play from fairway, rough and sand conditions. Under the mat is a platform that has 360 degrees of diagonal movement, producing flat ground and fairway undulations.

Stunning, detailed projections of famous golf destinations are a requisite for simulators, an aspect the Vision takes to the next echelon thanks to aerial photos of St. Andrews and Pebble Beach among 150-plus famous courses. But customization remains, allowing the player to pick the weather and daylight.

The system offers seven play situations (such as online, stroke play, match play or foursomes) and additional exercises focused on training. Most important, in entertainment and practice modes, the Vision generates data points, which can be logged for tracking and comparison.

Nothing can beat golf in an outdoor environment. But the GOLFZON Vision makes a compelling alternative.

See more details about GOLFZON on winning the 2017 Golf Digest Editors Choice Award for Best Golf Simulators.